FLATPAK QUADDY is a large, multi-use bag designed specifically to transport and secure equipment on the back of your quad bike (ATV). It's a hassle free, flexible, durable and water-resistant. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, it is ideal for any farm or lifestyle block and even allows a comfy seat for the farm dogs or lambs.

FLATPAK QUADDY will save you time and money.

Purchase your FLATPAK QUADDY and make transport on your quad bike easier, safer and more efficient. 

Safe and Secure Transportation Uses

  • On Farm: Fencing gear, young stock, sacks of feed, farm dogs and veterinary needs.
  • Lifestyle: Firewood, bales, feed buckets and brake fences.
  • Hunting: Base camp gear, food and additional equipment.
  • Fishing: Waders, Tracers, lures, nets, measuring scale, bait and ice. - Your on the go chiller! 
  • Trail Rides: Additional clothing, cameras and food.
  • Orchards: Crop, spray, water cans and fertilizer.


  • NZ made
  • Built tough
  • Water resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • One year warantee
  • UV proof for 3 years
  • WorkSafe compliant

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